Bonza To Launch Melbourne Flights

Bonza will launch its Melbourne Airport base this coming Thursday with a nonstop service to Sunshine Coast.

Bonza is Australia’s newest airline and recently launched exclusively with the 737 MAX, an aircraft type yet to be flying with any other Australian customer. The airline prides itself on being there for all of Australia and offering low-cost fares to underserved or unserved markets.

Tim Jordan, the airline CEO, has said he never intends to compete with Qantas, who have a significant market share and control over the Australian aviation scene. Instead, Bonza’s goal is to forge its destiny and be seen in markets where air travel is so expensive it prices people out of worthwhile experiences.

Bonza’s Melbourne base will be necessary for the airline over the coming months as more aircraft arrive and new routes are launched. Services won’t be multiple times daily; however, eventually, when all routes are operational, Bonza will have a handful of daily flights to cities across the eastern part of the country.

The collapse of TigerAir Australia, while unfortunate for the aviation scene, has allowed Bonza to utilise available space in T4 at Melbourne Airport to set up. A fully functioning facility already available to the airline makes welcoming to the airport much more accessible.

Service begins on Thursday 30th, March and Dj’s Aviation has been invited along for the journey. Expect coverage across the publication of the day.



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