Bonza Cancels Flights Through May 29

Daniel Fowkes
16 May 2024
· Airlines 
A Bonza Boeing 737 MAX

Bonza has cancelled flights through May 29, 2024, following the latest calls from administrations. ABC reports that up to 20 buyers are potentially involved.

Away from flights being suspended, this will also mean that crew members and other related employees of the company will not be paid.

The Australian low-cost carrier collapsed at the end of April 2024, only 15 months after it launched services. However, it became apparent the devil was in the finer details with the backing of U.S. investment firm 777 Partners.

This investment firm had bold ambitions, with Bonza attempting to forge its market within Australia. However, after difficulties in providing aircraft, funds, and other supplies, Bonza collapsed.

Discussions continued about the long-term viability of the business at the time of the collapse. Following these discussions, it became apparent that Bonza was viable on its own, and calls for the airline to return have been made.

Administrators Step In

Now, in a new statement from Hall Chadwick, the administration for Bonza has revealed more. In the statement dated 14 May 2024, they stated that as administrators, they continue to maximise the chances of Bonza continuing in some way, shape, or form.

As a result, Bonza’s suspension of flights will continue through May 29, 2024, and those impacted have been advised not to travel to the airport as much of the Bonza fleet has departed Australian shores.

Administrators say that if they cannot find an optimal outcome for the airline, they’ll look to wind up the company in the best possible manner for all parties.

However, at the very least, during a meeting last week, the administrators announced that they would set a timeframe for when interested parties will be required to express interest formally.

Ongoing debts at Bonza are also expected to tally over 100 million, increasing this number following further investigations.

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