Bonza Announces Route Cancellations

A Bonza 737 MAX 8 departing from Melbourne Airport for a flight to Mildura. The Australian carrier is coming under fire now for cancellations of flights and routes amid staffing and aircraft shortages.

Bonza, one of Australia’s newer independent carriers, has come under fire for the last-minute cancellation of several upcoming routes.

The flight cancellations, however, come in a string of frustrations for the company and its customer base over an unreliable operation.

Bonza Axes Gold Coast To Darwin Flights

One of the latest decisions made included cancelling flights between the Gold Coast, Bonza’s new third base and Darwin.

This cancellation would occur across the entire month of December and, as a result, negatively impact holiday travel plans.

Interestingly, the cancellation announcement came only moments before the first service was expected to get airborne.

Bonza and their CEO, Tim Jordan, cited the complicated regulatory approval process behind the cancellation in a statement.

While Gold Coast to Darwin is the subject of recent focus, given it is a new route, the recently launched Albury to Gold Coast has also come under a microscope with flight cancellations across this week.

A Partnership With Canadian Flair Airlines

Bonza had previously announced plans to work with parter Flair Airlines, the Canadian carrier which operates across North America.

As part of the deal, Flair would operate the Gold Coast base during the summer as Bonza recruited new Australian staff members based on the Gold Coast.

The highlight for many of the deal has been the inclusion of a Flair Boeing 737 MAX painted in a hybrid livery with Bonza titles for the summer season. However, that is at risk of not being available when needed most.

Unfortunately, Bonza says that while such a deal is progressing through the required approval, it hasn’t been completed in time for the service launch.

Frustrations Grow

While Bonza has been praised for its fantastic service levels onboard its aircraft with an inviting cabin product and crew, frustrations are growing.

The holiday season is known for families to travel more. In cases of high inflation, these trips have become more challenging to obtain.

As a result of the cancellations with late notice by Bonza, customers have been significantly impacted, with their travel plans coming undone.

While the Australian airline can try to help facilitate future travel, this doesn’t help aid the many other bookings that go into organising a holiday, especially for a family.

Analysts and industry observers have said that Bonza has fantastic ambitions but should re-assess before committing to achieving them, especially when it can’t confirm that it’ll have the relevant resources to facilitate the flights once launched.

Daniel Fowkes
05 Dec 2023
· Airlines 

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  1. Never mind the holiday cancellations, I am a fly in/flyout worker flying to Mackay on a week on/week off roster. I was over the moon to be able to fly direct from the Gold Coast but it is not worth a thing if I get a cancellation (as has happened for this Thursday the 7th). Bonza will just about have full planes IF they run reliable flights on crew change days – Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays ALL year round to Mackay IF they don’t stuff it up!!! They don’t even have to compete too hard on the ticket pricing, I can tell you that after working an eighty seven & a half hour week, to be just able to fly direct into Cooly instead of landing in Brisbane then having to catch that stinking train down, then a cab or Uber to get home, I am not too worried about flight cost!

    1. Post

      Totally get how it can be impactful to everyone, I just was writing about families but the reality is it impacts many many more people too. You’re right on a lot of things. Focusing on getting the operations right first should be important. With the current state of the Australian industry many want to support the airline.

    1. Post

      Not all routes or flights are cancelled. Only specific route launches have been delayed. However, there seems to be some confusion over which have been delayed and the relatively late notice associated with these.

  2. I have flights booked on 15.12.2023, 6am leaving Tullamarine to Gladstone, arriving 0745, returning on 9.01.2024 departing Gladstone @0830, arriving Melbourne at 12.30. Are these flights still flying. Please return asap with information.

    1. Post

      I’d continue to look at your booking and contract Bonza with any queries as I am not the airline nor do I represent it.

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