Boeing Wants To Rectify Its Big Problems

Daniel Fowkes
24 Jan 2024
· Aircraft 
Boeing wants to rectify the ongoing big problems surrounding it and the 737 following a call with the NTSB and ongoing investigations.

Under fire, aircraft manufacturer Boeing is attempting to rectify the many errors it has made in the past, according to Jennifer Homendy, the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

The Clean Up Work Begins

Boeing has been entangled in a long-winded clean-up process following the Alaska Airlines 737-9 door blowout incident at the top of the year.

CEO Dave Calhoun admitted in an interview with CNBC that the problems could be directly attributed to “quality escapes.” This internal term, but broadly used at companies and in day-to-day life, refers to an escape in quality during production/assembly.

Boeing’s quality of products has been long under fire following revelations over the last half a decade, and the past few years were a period many were under the impression was for rectifying.

However, with new issues coming to light, the plane maker has once more taken two steps back and is attempting to rectify its errors and reposition itself for a brighter future, for now, not the first time.

While quality escapes were initially mentioned, analysts have argued that Boeing’s problems run far deeper than just on the floor, stemming from higher up and in management.

Boeing Calls The NTSB

During a press conference, the chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Jennifer Homendy, said she had received a call from Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun.

This call was essential in assuring the NTSB that Boeing would fix its ways and that it wanted to rectify everything that had happened.

All relevant parties investigating Boeing said the manufacturer has cooperated and been transparent.

However, there are visible concerns as investigations continue into critical production practices, especially following the Federal Aviation Administration’s announcement that it would investigate Boeing.

The NTSB Investigation

Following the location of the door that blew out, a thorough investigation is now taking place to determine what happened and why it happened.

As part of the investigation, the NTSB will conduct crucial testing to determine whether or not the door plug was fitted with bolts to prevent the movement that dislodged it or whether these were too loose.

However, the tests required to determine this have yet to take place. Once these occur, they will reveal more about the incident’s circumstances.

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