Boeing To Halt 737 Production For One Day

Boeing will halt production of its 737 for one day on January 25 as employees attend workshops to enhance overall quality and safety.

On Thursday, January 25, Boeing will halt production of the 737 program as factory teams will focus on spending the day on quality.

Employees will attend crucial workshops to elevate the focus on quality as part of this operational stand down where these 737s are made.

This standdown comes as the manufacturer responds to heightened criticism from airline customers whose frustrations continue to grow.

Boeing hopes to see 737-9s return to service at some point. Once safely back in the skies, Boeing’s future delivery and production performance can increase, too.

We have let down our airline customers and are deeply sorry for the significant disruption to them, their employees and their passengers. We are taking action on a comprehensive plan to bring these airplanes safely back to service and to improve our quality and delivery performance. We will follow the lead of the FAA and support our customers every step of the way.

Stan Deal, Presient and CEO Of Boeing Commerical Airplanes.

Ultimately, those working on 737s are standing down for the day as part of Boeing’s commitment to rectifying the problems that emerged in recent history. Additionally, it aligns with a previously announced quality action report to be implemented immediately.

Rectifying problems won’t happen overnight and will be a lengthy process. What has happened has now happened. This time, Boeing needs to respond to the incident and move forward correctly.

The FAA and NTSB say that the manufacturer has been incredibly transparent with investigations, amongst much more, while Boeing has also been apologetic to airline customers.

However, Boeing still has a lot to answer for, and being apologetic often doesn’t get that far. Airlines are beginning to be more vocal about their frustrations now.

Daniel Fowkes
24 Jan 2024
· Aircraft 

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