Boeing To Delay 737 Production Increase

Boeing 737-10 in-flight during testing for Boeing

Boeing will likely be forced to delay a planned increase in production following discussions with key suppliers, per Reuters.

A New Schedule Coming In 2024

As part of the expected delay in production, the American plane maker will have a view of producing 42 737 jets by February 2024.

This is a schedule that was briefed to key suppliers as the 2023 calendar year comes to an end and manufacturers look to the following year.

Interestingly, ramping up production for their key narrowbody has been difficult for Boeing. This follows the decimated supply chains that have struggled with pressures through the years.

Reuters cites that further increases in 2024 will also be delayed. An expectation of pushing for 47 737s produced monthly from June to August. This means that plans to reach 52.5 737s per month will also be postponed until early 2025.

Any plans to increase closer to 60 planes per month have also been delayed as the goalposts continue to shift for the Boeing 737.

For Boeing, however, this forecast can change quickly, whether for the better or the worse. If previous years have been anything to go by, then guidance can be adjusted immediately.

However, Boeing will work diligently on its 737 program to ensure it can meet production targets to the best of its abilities.

Boeing Still Has Two Variants To Certify

An increase in production in 2024 also follows ongoing struggles with the remaining uncertified variants, the 737-7 and 737-10.

Boeing has been attempting to certify these remaining aircraft types but has ultimately struggled and, on numerous occasions, pushed back the date.

Recently, the FAA approved the critical flight test for the 737-10. The plane maker describes this as an essential step in the right direction for getting the FAA’s final certification.

Interest In The Boeing 737 Remains Strong

Despite struggles in achieving initial ambitious production targets, Boeing has seen firm interest in its 737 program persist.

The MAX has remained a significant option for customers seeking narrowbody solutions for growing or replacing ageing previous-generation single-aisle types.

Airbus’ continued development of the A321 series and solid operating performance of the A320neo has given Boeing substantial competition through the years.

However, the overall recovery of the 737 from 2019 has occurred quicker than some analysts may have initially predicted when the world was against the type.

Daniel Fowkes
10 Dec 2023
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