Boeing Lowers 737 MAX Delivery Target

Daniel Fowkes
26 Oct 2023
· Aircraft 
Boeing 737-10 completing its first flight as it readies for certification

Boeing has announced lowering targets for its 737 MAX deliveries this calendar year.

The 737 MAX is Boeing’s most important plane for deliveries and backlog, being a popular narrowbody worldwide.

More Quality Assurance Difficulties

For American plane maker Boeing, quality assurance has been one thing that’s seemingly been challenging to escape.

Thanks to continued issues with the 737 MAX, Boeing has announced it’ll miss its overall delivery target this year.

Ultimately, for Boeing to reach such a target for its MAX program had seemingly become out of reach some time ago, this confirmation being the long-awaited nail in the coffin.

Boeing’s Chief said that due to defects being identified in some aft pressure bulkheads produced by Spirit Aerosystems, it struggled to deliver planes on time.

Updated Delivery Targets

Boeing says that following new guidance, it’ll shoot for 375 to 400 deliveries for the 737 MAX program in 2023.

This is ultimately down from the 400 to 450 deliveries initially targeted for the popular narrowbody program at the beginning of the year.

Interestingly, it was important for David Calhoun to note that these adjustments and issues with the MAX were unrelated to supply chain difficulties.

Supply chain struggles are on the lips of most within the industry when, of late, citing reductions in deliveries or identifying other problems in the business.

A Planned Boost In Production

Despite ongoing struggles with the 737 MAX program, the plane maker is still targeting an increase in production.

Boeing says it wants to boost production to 50 planes per month starting in 2025. This is part of a broader mission to increase output to meet demand.

With time and further growth, the belief is that the company will be able to iron out any supply chain issues that might still be in the shadows, alongside clearing up quality assurance difficulties.

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