Boeing Faces Another Problem With 737 MAX

Boeing's problems continue with a loose bolt being found on the 737 MAX with a customer and another issue with an undelivered unit.

Boeing is reporting that it is facing another problem with its 737 MAX as inspections are urged following the finding of a loose bolt.

The New Boeing 737 MAX Findings

Airlines worldwide are now urged to inspect their 737 MAX jets for what Boeing described as a loose bolt in the rudder control system.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed this finding and the inspection requirements. Additionally, the FAA said they were closely monitoring the 737 MAX.

If further loose bolts are discovered, or other internal issues with the aircraft emerge, the FAA will take the required action. As such, the governing body says it won’t hesitate to act if necessary, but it is keeping a more watchful eye for the moment.

The FAA has said that per word from Boeing, it identified a specific aircraft with an international customer seeing a missing nut during maintenance. However, this issue was further highlighted when an undelivered plane was found to have a nut that was not adequately tightened.

Quality Assurance Difficulties At Boeing

Boeing has been battling with quality assurance difficulties across recent history. The 737 MAX and 787 have been the two aircraft families the most impacted by this.

Several quality assurance issues have recently left deliveries suspended on the 787, alongside brief grounding periods that have hurt customers.

Quality assurance problems are what analysts have highlighted as something that needs to be significantly focused on at the American plane maker.

This can be especially noted if Boeing wants to advance with ambitious delivery and production targets. To achieve these matters, Boeing needs to crack down on loose bolts and other quality assurance matters that slip through.

737NGs Not Impacted

The FAA and Boeing say the issue is isolated to the 737 MAX series. As a result, the 737 Next Generation or 737NGs are not being impacted.

Daniel Fowkes
30 Dec 2023
· Aircraft 

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