Boeing Employees Scared To Bring Up Safety Concerns

Daniel Fowkes
28 Feb 2024
· Aircraft 
A new report by the FAA has identified a continued disconnect between Boeing employees and upper management following quality problems.

Boeing’s culture is once more the centre of attention following the release of a new report by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) governing body.

The 50-page report broadly highlights the disconnect between employees, culture, upper management, etc.

The expert panel said that they identified vital concerns, such as employees worried about the stance of their position if they brought up safety slips, among a general failure for those on the floor to understand the safety practises being implemented. Additionally, there was a focus placed on the lack of impartiality when reviewing safety concerns.

Long has now retired, and current employees spoke out about Boeing’s significant failures in addressing cultures alongside those working on the floor’s lack of understanding of critical safety systems.

Some of those concerns expressed by employees relate to those in upper management positions, believing that more aviation people should be in these roles rather than pure-born executives. The report cites the lack of pilot input alongside other key aviation professionals who work more closely with planes in the overall design and operation of aircraft.

Concerns Stem From 2018/19 MAX Incidents

Focus on Boeing’s internal culture and how it handles employees stems from the 2018 and 2019 fatal crashes involving 737 MAX jets. Following these incidents, Boeing assured relevant parties that it was making the appropriate changes to its internal operations for the better.

However, at the beginning of 2024, a door blowout would occur aboard an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX. While the aircraft landed safely, the fallout would be more significant than the incident.

Further loose bolts were identified upon inspections undertaken on the aircraft types, and question marks around what Boeing had been doing across a multi-year period began. This latest report, however, once more highlights what has been known for some time and ultimately something that dramatically needs rectifying, that being the culture at the leading manufacturer.

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