Boeing Deliveries Drop Amid MAX Problems

Daniel Fowkes
15 Feb 2024
· Aircraft 
Boeing deliveries have dropped for January following problems with the MAX aircraft now trickling down to the broader manufacturer.

Boeing has published its deliveries for the first month of the calendar year, noting 27 aircraft were shipped to customers.

Ultimately, the delivery tally shows a year-over-year reduction of 29%. However, it follows complications with its highest-selling program, the MAX and general manufacturing issues.

While the amount is being quoted as being significantly less than the last month of the year in December, this is typical. Usually, the final month of the year always sees plane makers make a last-ditch attempt to ship aircraft off and, in some cases, achieve their delivery goal.

It was a month for the plane maker to see their overall production, orders, and deliveries dry up, bar a few standout moments. February has also at times looked shakey following Spirit Aerosystems a key supplier of Boeing discovering new quality difficulties that will impact up to 50 737 jets and their delivery timeframe.

After several solid months, only 25 737 MAX jets were delivered to airlines. Even when looking back at previous January performances in the years gone by, this start to 2024 is worse.

The month was also met with just three gross orders, a substantial decrease year over year, followed by several cancellations welcoming in.

January was a month to forget for the plane maker as it was less than a week into the year when a door blow out incident would occur aboard a newly delivered Alaska Airlines 737-9. As a result, the fallout for the plane maker would be considerable with further loose bolts being identified among other quality related problems.

Manufacturing processes have been put under fire not just by Boeing but by suppliers, airline customers and regulators who look to get to the bottom of the what’s occurred. For Boeing, this means that following an FAA mandate they’ll be unable to increase production levels of their popular 737 series until the all clear is given.

Looking ahead, Boeing is hoping for continued recovery and a future increase in production to meet demand being seen. However, the manufacturer knows this will take time and will remain patient.

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