Boeing Delays Production Ramp-Up Plans

Daniel Fowkes
02 Mar 2024
· Aircraft 
Boeing has again delayed plans to ramp up production of its leading 737 series amid an ongoing investigation into quality issues.

Boeing is reportedly delaying plans to ramp up production of its 737, per Reuters amid an ongoing investigation by several parties surrounding production practises.

As Boeing continues to face mounting pressures and has been forced to put forward a turnaround action plan within 90 days, production adjustments aren’t possible.

Additionally, a move doesn’t come as a shock following the FAA informing Boeing that they were not allowed to increase production. Boeing agreed with this move, but no doubt the implications on customers would always be noticeable.

If Boeing were to increase production on its 737, the concern was that setbacks may occur in the culture change process. Boeing must first and foremost remedy not necessarily the issues but rather remedy the reason these keep appearing.

However, while safety must be pamarount and there’s been an increased focus on the long-term stability of the company which hasn’t been present, there are frustrations.

With the inability to increase production alongside other delays Boeing is further losing ground to fierce competitor in the space Airbus. The European plane maker has taken the title of the leading manufacturer for several years, and Boeing’s horror start to 2024 doesn’t aid in its ambition of taking this year’s title either.

While obvious frustrations are present internally, analysts argue that they aren’t warranted, considering Boeing finds itself scrambling in this position because of itself.

Any potential production rate ramp-ups previously forecasted to occur throughout 2024 have been substantially pushed back. While the hope is that these will occur at the revised time, it still is unclear if it will be possible.

Looking Ahead

For Boeing, they need to move forward with a clear and concise plan of becoming once more not just a safe manufacturer but a leader. A better Boeing is not just fantastic for its customers but for increasing competition and the broader industry.

Unfortuantely for Boeing its glory days have analysts argue long passed, the ambition is to reach them with future aircraft once more. However, they must first sort out their business’s current production problems.

As the FAA has greater oversight into production practises, the hope will be to have stability in the future. However, time and time again Boeing has attempted to right its wrongs and negative developments have come back.

Looking into future years the primary objective will be to have year after year largely problem free internally with the safest and best possible planes produced.

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