Boeing Confirms Thai Airways 787 Order

Boeing and Thai Airways announced today the flagship carrier placed an order for 45 787 Dreamliners as the airline looks to modernize and grow its widebody fleet and international network.

Boeing has finally confirmed the Thai Airways order for the 787 Dreamliner, which was listed as an unidentified customer at the end of the 2023 calendar year.

The deal was confirmed on Day 1 of the 2024 Singapore Airshow, which sees leading aerospace companies congregate to discuss the industry. In the 2024 edition a substantial amount of focus has been placed on the recovery of the Asian sector.

As part of the commitment, now confirmed Thai Airways has selected the 787-9 and a total of 45 units to grow but also significantly modernise its widebody fleet long into the future.

These Boeing 787s, once delivered, will be huge in aligning with the airline’s long-term ambitions in the market and allow for the opening of new routes across Southeast Asia and further.

Additionally, Boeing says that by adding more 787s to its fleet, Thai Airways will be able to reduce fuel use and, therefore, emissions by up to 25%. This reduction is compared to the aircraft the Dreamliner will replace once delivered.

A Widebody Fleet Needing Replacements

Thai Airways fleet currently consists of several modern and ageing aircraft types. However, the consensus is that it needs a pretty significant revamp.

In-service aircraft are spread across various aircraft types, with widebodies featuring the Airbus A330, Boeing 777, Boeing 787, and Airbus A350.

The airline’s oldest widebody, measured by average age, is the three current A330-300s, at 14.8 years. This is followed by 20 active Boeing 777s, averaging 10.7 years.

As part of a commitment to the next generation of widebody, the airline has less than 10 Boeing 787s in its fleet, averaging 8.5 years of age, and 14 active A350-900s, which average 6.1 years.

Therefore, it doesn’t become hard to see how the airline will significantly benefit by adding 45 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Comments From Executives

To accomplish our company’s and the national carbon neutral goals by 2050, the 45 new Boeing 787 Dreamliners will be equipped with GEnx engines, which are known for their cutting-edge technology and reduced environmental impact. Furthermore, we are confident that the acquisition of the 787 Dreamliners will ultimately benefit our customers and support the growth of our country’s economy.

Chai Eamsiri, Thai Airways CEO

Thai Airways’ strategic investment in the 787 Dreamliner builds on our long-standing partnership and signifies the airline’s commitment to operate a modern, efficient and flexible fleet. This order will support Thai Airways’ ability to meet demand, foster tourism and trade, and create further opportunities for this carrier.

Brad McMullen, Boeing senior vice president of Commercial Sales and Marketing.

Making Up For Lost Capacity

Thai Airways has been one of the many airlines that have undergone a fleet revamp in recent years, primarily spurred by the global pandemic. However, the airline generally needs to restructure to preserve its industry position.

Several large types, such as the 747, A380, and A340, were removed through the restructuring. While these aircraft departures enabled the implementation of cost-cutting measures, they ultimately dropped the airline’s available capacity.

As a result of these retirements, among other aircraft beginning to show signs of age, the airline needs new planes to help it once more establish itself as a leading airline in Asia and globally.

Daniel Fowkes
20 Feb 2024
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