Boeing 787 Production Must Stop Per Whistleblower

Daniel Fowkes
18 Apr 2024
· Aircraft 
A Boeing eningeer acting as a whistleblower who alleged problems were present with the 787 has called for production to stop on the series.

The same Boeing engineer who revealed concerns were present with the 777 and 787s production has reaffirmed his stance through new comments.

In an interview with NBC Nightly News, the Whistleblower stated that he would not allow his family to fly the 787 due to concerns about the current product.

Additionally, he called for production to cease so that checks could be made on the affected aircraft and a fix could be corrected in the system. In his initial revelations, the engineer said that over a thousand 787s were affected by the problems. He also indicated that Boeing 777s were affected by production problems, with up to 400 for the popular widebody.

Lawyers have also openly supported the claims, as they would. However, more importantly, these lawyers have said that the allegations are based on data, and half a dozen further whistleblowers have reported the same issues. Whether these are related to the identified problems was not publicly disclosed then.

Boeing has, on several occasions, now denied these allegations put in its direction, stating that the 787 is a safe aircraft. Executives say they’ve worked tirelessly to ensure the program is one of the safest.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has said it will investigate the matter to understand whether the allegations have weight behind them. However, onlookers on both sides have a tough time believing if it’s all for a headline or if it’s true, or maybe Boeing is being truthful, too.

689 of the around 1,000 Boeing 787 units slated to be impacted have been tested with zero signs of fatigue, which contradicts the Whistleblower’s initial claims.

New comments from the Whistleblower leaned on the extreme with the apparent concern that if something wasn’t done, the aircraft could fall out of the sky if the problems worsened.

Boeing denies these claims, and analysts argue that even if there were cracks, they would’ve been identified and fixed promptly. Boeing prides itself on the structural integrity of its aircraft, and it says it’s too strong to see significant problems such as what is being described.

The Whistleblower’s allegations are placed on an under-pressure Boeing, which is still hurting and facing significant investigations alongside hearings following the door blowout incident that occurred in the first week aboard an Alaska Airlines 737 MAX.

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  1. The whistle blower is blowing smoke up their ass. The dumb SOB continues to lie about the 787. He is a known liar in the past!

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