Boeing 747 Airworthiness Directive Issued

Daniel Fowkes
02 Jan 2023
· Aircraft 

Airworthiness directives are relatively common and frequently occurring for any manufacturer. They can impact small or large aircraft and any engineering in aviation.

The Boeing 747 has emerged with new failures impacting the series. Published on the 29th of December, the airworthiness directive includes the 747-400 and the 747-8.

This means it’s a series-wide directive. Something previously it was not.

reports of wear-through of the motor impeller inlet adapter of a transfer pump for the horizontal stabilizer fuel tank caused by contact between the pump inlet check valve and the inlet adapter.

Federal Aviation Administration

So what next from this exactly? Twenty-eight units registered within the United States will need thorough inspections.

These inspections should come back to inform the airlines, governing body and such if replacement parts need to be installed.

While the Federal Aviation Administration ordered these mandates, they don’t represent the global. As a result, this issue could impact an additional 747s in other regions.

If the FAA initially mandates inspections for 28 U.S registered Boeing 747s, how do other markets review such a series?

This is the job of each country or region’s respective regulator. In addition, the latest ruling includes that of the newer 747 model, the -8 series. Previously the AD (airworthiness directive) only included the older 747 models.

Boeing expects to deliver its final 747 to Altas Air very soon. The rollout of the final unit took place last year in December of 2022.

The final Boeing 747 rolling out, destined for Atlas Air

It’s the end of an era. However, the 747 will long continue flying for decades, thanks to its presence as a freighter and in the second, third and fourth-hand markets.

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