Boeing 737 MAX Production Woes Easing Soon

Daniel Fowkes
15 Feb 2024
· Aircraft 
Boeing expects that production woes that are currently impacting the 737 MAX will ease towards the second half of the year.

Currently facing mounting pressure from all angles to fix its quality-related difficulties, Boeing is now eyeing production woes easing by the end of the calendar year.

By the second half of 2024, the expectation is that Boeing will be able to move towards a rate of 38 737 aircraft being produced per month. Interestingly, this figure represents what the line was once reaching and thus highlights how many months the latest quality problems have set the plane maker back.

Until now, Boeing has been forecasting that its production output will be significantly lower, and it’ll also see some financial impact.

In recent weeks, the FAA had informed Boeing that they would not be allowed to increase production rates of the MAX, its most popular line, amid quality concerns.

Despite the Federal Aviation Administration verdict being frustrating to customers and Boeing, the plane maker believed it was the right call to ensure that processes could be inspected and fixed to prevent further incidents.

Boeing knows it has a lot to work on, and while internally, there have been production pauses for employees to attend workshops and speeches to be conducted, leading analysts say they need to see long-term proof the culture is changing.

Boeing’s output rate has always been under fire, with analysts and former employees citing toxic working environments and pressures to meet unrealistic production goals as critical catalysts for the plummeting of quality. These former workers believe that the disconnect between upper management and those on the floor has always been a problem.

While delivery delays are incurred and are the headline of recent reports, unfortunately, this isn’t anything new. When discussing new aircraft, several airline executives will always publicly say that delays and acquiring a plane on time.

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