Boeing 737 MAX Engine Fire Updates


Towards the end of June, a Boeing 737 MAX with United Airlines was involved in an incident on the ground at Newark Liberty.

The aircraft, registered as N37516, and a 737-9 saw an engine fire while taxiing into the gate. The NTSB has now released additional information about the incident.

The report highlights that the 737-9 operating UA2376 saw a left-hand side engine fire indicator emerge. The pilots were subsequently forced to shut down that engine.

UA2376 operated to Newark Liberty on a routine service from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

There was no visible smoke or fire, according to the pilots. However, upon further inspection, it became evident that there was a fuel leak from the engine that saw warning lights emerge.

The NTSB noted heat damage and soot on the engine cases, as identified by the employees who inspected the plane shortly after it arrived at the gate.

As the investigation continues, the goal will be to understand the source of the problem, if it’s isolated or more widespread and could impact further engines that are part of the LEAP-1B family equipped on this 737-9 with United Airlines.

Daniel Fowkes
10 Jul 2023
· Aircraft 

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  1. Hi, I am quite interested to read the full report. Could you please share the report link or guide me how to find the full report?

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