Biman Bangladesh Eyes U.S. Flights

biman bangladesh airlines boeing 787 dreamliner departing

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is reportedly eyeing the resumption of service to the United States, a landmark moment for the carrier if pulled off.

Through an application to the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), the carrier wants to specifically focus on New York JFK as its first port to resume.

Biman has been missing from the U.S. market for nearly two decades, and now, coming equipped with a more extensive and capable fleet, it believes now is the prime time.

Interestingly, if permission is granted, the service would be five times per week, with Doha being selected as the initial port. However, there would be a technical stopover in Izmir, Türkiye.

Biman has a fleet of 21 in-service aircraft, with its most significant fleet type being the 737-800. However, more importantly, it has six total Boeing 787s, four 787-8s and two 787-9s. Additionally, there are four 777-300ERs which are utilised for longer flights across the network.

Ultimately, pending approval, such a route to New York JFK or the surrounding area would be huge for the future expansion of Biman as a carrier and may pave the way for more aircraft to be ordered to facilitate these operations.

Valid concerns about losses being incurred through the operation are also all good points to be made aware of when understanding the case of Biman and restarting process in the United States.

Daniel Fowkes
09 Sep 2023
· Airlines 
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