Bamboo Airways To Launch Cargo Airline

Bamboo Airways has announced that it will create a cargo unit known as Bamboo Airways Cargo.

The decision to launch a cargo unit is Bamboo’s latest strategic announcement. In addition, the company has the broader goal of building an aviation ecosystem while developing Bamboo as a leading company.

Freight offerings have been increasingly popular since the pandemic, with more and more airlines joining the scene. While analysts have warmed to express caution when expanding/to launch in this market, Bamboo is hopeful for the future.

Bamboo Airways operates the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Following the announcement of a cargo subsidiary, various changes were made to management.

Doan Huu Doan will act as the chairman, a man currently in a role with Bamboo Airways. Meanwhile, Nguyen Khac Hai will act as the chief executive of the cargo unit. Finally, dang Van Vien will serve as the managing director of BAC (Bamboo Airways Cargo).

Mr Pham Dang Tanh (right) picture at the Bamboo Airways Cargo event.

The freight sector is becoming rather lucrative, with airlines globally exploring options for starting subsidiaries. Details away from management and the launch were kept close to the chest of the airline. More information will likely come at a later date.


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