Austrian Airlines Picks 787-9s

Austrian Airlines announced they’d eventually fly the Boeing 787-9.

The airline says that the arrival of 10 787s by the decade’s end will see the switch to an all-Dreamliner long-haul operation.

Operating the said plane will improve customer experience, efficiency and finances. Austrian also notes that their innovative cabin concepts will put their customers at the forefront of priorities.

The airline expects by 2028 all ten 787s to be delivered, with the first jet slated for a 2024 entry into service with the Austrian-based airline.

As a result of the 787s delivery, Austrian will phase out their 777 and 767 family aircraft. These Boeing jets currently comprise their long-haul operations but are getting in terms of age, and with better equipment out there, it makes the most sense.

Lufthansa Group have, in recent times, spent big on new aircraft. This has been all part of their plans to modernise their fleet offering and grow the long-haul network at airlines. Through these 787s, Austrian Airlines will have more possibilities.


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