Atlas Air Orders Boeing 777 Freighters

Daniel Fowkes
29 Nov 2023
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An Atlas Air 777 Freighter

Atlas Air has announced a new deal for two additional Boeing 777 Freighters.

Fleet Continues To Grow At Atlas Air

The addition of two new 777 freighters from Boeing comes as a means to address the ongoing strong customer demand for larger airfreight capacity.

Altas Air also highlights the continued growth of cross-border e-commerce shipping as a defining factor for why such a commitment has been required.

The two additional 777 freighters are expected to be delivered towards the second half 2024. A deal also increases Atlas Air’s commitment to the 777F, which has proved to be hugely reliable for their operations.

The 777F delivers fantastic reliability levels and reduced emissions, resulting in a smaller noise footprint, per airline executives.

While there have been question marks over the long-term rapid growth of the freight market, Atlas says all its decisions regarding expansion are measured.

The anticipation is that they’ll see solid earnings and cash flow through this latest transaction with Boeing. Additionally, there’s a belief they’ll be able to generate significant value for customers.

A Quicker Delivery Solution

For a freighter solution, the 777F can be an ideal pickup for a company facing increasing demand.

Next-generation freighters from Airbus and Boeing are being worked on, and their first deliveries will likely occur later this decade.

However, acquiring 777Fs can see deliveries take place far sooner and, therefore, in the case of Atlas Air, be a quicker solution to the growing airfreight market they’re witnessing.

Comments From Executives

We are excited to add these aircraft to our leading world-class fleet.  These come at a time when retirements of older widebody freighters will significantly increase and when the introduction of new widebody freighter capacity will be limited. We have a deep pipeline of prospective customers interested in these 777 Freighters, and we’re confident in our ability to place them under long-term agreements.

Michael Steen, Chief Executive Officer, Atlas Air Worldwide

We value our long-standing relationship with Atlas Air as the carrier expands its fleet and strengthens its position as one of the world’s leading air cargo operators. The best-selling 777 Freighter is one of the most capable twin-engine freighters flying, and provides Atlas with the capacity, fuel efficiency and operational flexibility to move cargo and goods for its customers.

Brad McMullen, Boeing Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales and Marketing

The Atlas Air Fleet

Atlas Air operates with 85 in-service aircraft and four in-storage per the latest fleet data.

The company relies heavily on multiple Boeing-produced types. However, its most considerable reliance is on the 747 series.

Currently, 43 747-400Fs, alongside eight 747-8s, remain in service with the company. Its 747-400Fs average 24.1 years, whereas the -8s are only 5.9 years.

Atlas Air acquired the final 747 produced by Boeing at the beginning of 2023 in a massive ceremony.

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      Latest fleet data indicates there are three 777-200LRFS in-service registered as N707GT, N708G and N709GT. There are then 2 upcoming units set to be delivered (part of this order).

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