ANA To Fly Boeing 787-10 Domestically

ana boeing 787-10 rendering

All Nippon Airways will begin flying its Boeing 787-10s on domestic routes for the first time.

The adjustment follows ANA Group’s revised flight schedule for the second half of FY2023 and highlights further essential changes to regular flying.

ANA’s Boeing 787-10s has 429 seats in a two-class configuration, comprising 28 premium class eats and 401 economy class seats. As a result, it’s their highest capacity aircraft on domestic flights and, as described by ANA, will succeed the 777s currently active on domestic operations.

The ANA 787-10s will begin flying on routes from February 2024 with two routes officially announced, Haneda-Fukuoka and Haneda-Sapporo, with other trunk routes too.

ANA only has three active 787-10s currently, but by 2026 expects that 11 aircraft will be introduced, adding to its already extensive commitment to the Boeing 787 series that stretches now across all three purchasable variants.

Deploying the 787-10 on domestic services will improve efficiency and capacity substantially. This aligns with the group’s goal to continue recovery from the pandemic. By the second half of the year, there’ll be more flights between ANA and low-cost subsidiary Peach than pre-pandemic levels.

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23 Aug 2023
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  1. The 787-10 is beginning to gain momentum in its sales. I like the plane but not with over 400 people aboard.

    1. Domestic flights in Japan are in high demand, even on short-haul routes, so sufficient seats are required.
      By the way, the Boeing 777-300 operated by ANA on domestic flights has 514 seats.

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