ANA Boeing 737 Cockpit Windows Cracks During Flight

Daniel Fowkes
15 Jan 2024
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An ANA Boeing 737-800 has suffered cracks to its cockpit window during a routine domestic flight in Japan.

An ANA Boeing 737 has been forced to turn back to New Chitose Airport (CTS) following a crack being identified in the cockpit window.

Breaking Down The Incident

ANA Flight NH1182 was operating with service from Sapporo (CTS) to Toyama (TOY), which was meant to be a quick and routine hour-or-so flight.

An overview of Flight NH1182 operated by an ANA Boeing 737-881

The flight operated by a Boeing 737-881 was registered as JA56AN. This aircraft was delivered to ANA in 2009 and sits at 14.6 years of age.

At around FL340, the aircraft suffered cracks on the second right windshield while flying over Hakodate, per reports on the incident.

The Boeing 737 carried 59 passengers and 6 crew members. Thus, it was a relatively light load for an aircraft capable of carrying many passengers.

Shortly after identifying the crack, the crew aboard quickly returned to the departure port, where the aircraft could be safely inspected.

Media Catches Wind Of Story

Following the emergence of the incident, several tabloid media have run with the story as scary and dangerous.

Such incidents can be dangerous and can be scary for the crew aboard. However, those flying the aircraft are also trained professionals, and while these situations are rare, they will have all the skills to deal with such a situation calmly.

Much media coverage has emerged thanks to the recent 737-9 door blowout that has seen Boeing in hot water and the 737 MAX front and centre.

It’s important to note that the 737-800 is not part of the MAX series, and this incident is unrelated to what took place on an Alaska Airlines aircraft.

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