American Airlines Removes International Routes

Daniel Fowkes
27 Apr 2024
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An American Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner departs Los Angeles International Airport

American Airlines is the latest to announce schedule changes as it battles with ongoing aircraft delivery delays.

The major U.S. carrier says it’s changing its route network, specifically focusing on long-haul routes, amid 787 delays.

American Airlines relies heavily on the upcoming delivery of 787 jets to provide capacity for markets worldwide. However, Boeing, facing supply chain struggles, has been unable to meet delivery forecasts for airlines worldwide, including American Airlines.

As part of its plans to cope with the delays, American Airlines will focus on service reductions from key locations such as New York and Dallas-Fort Worth.

Changes Coming For American Airlines

In a statement, American Airlines says that service between New York JFK and Athens will be suspended on September 3, earlier than expected.

Additionally, the airline will see flights between Chicago O’Hare and Paris end as of September 3, 2024, with a resumption slated to come in 2025.

American Airlines will also suspend flights towards Rome and Dublin from Dallas Fort Worth from October 26. These flights were meant to be offered year-round; however, they will only return in 2025 at the earliest.

New York to Barcelona is the next route that’ll see an early suspension also on September 3. Similar to the routes from Dallas Fort Worth, to Europe, this service was expected to be year-round, but due to delays, American must adjust their schedule.

Further adjustments come with service to locations such as Rome with reductions in flights per day. Departures to Kona in Hawaii from Dallas Fort Worth will also cease across the winter season.

More Struggles Inbound

While much focus rests on the 787 Dreamliner and the delivery delays expected with this aircraft, it’s not the only aircraft. American Airlines is also forecasting 737 MAX delays that’ll impact its short to medium-haul operations.

The airline says while decisions are yet to be made on the schedule, it’ll need to evaluate the network and assess the potential MAX impact.

Due to ongoing delivery delays for this aircraft series, American Airlines will likely be forced to adjust its 737 MAX network.

Boeing has been barred from increasing production on its 737 MAX following a door blow incident at the beginning of 2024. The Federal Aviation Administration will only permit an increase once Boeing submits a turnaround plan that outlines how it’ll move forward.

With much uncertainty over the 737 MAX production and delivery rates, airlines are beginning to see the impacts. The U.S. airline will likely be forced to make necessary adjustments to its network to mitigate losses felt from the delays.

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