American Airlines Appeals JetBlue Alliance Termination

Daniel Fowkes
02 Oct 2023
· Airlines 
Boeing 787-8 ‘N811AB’ American Airlines c/n 40629, l/n 364 Built 2015 Los Angeles International Airport, California, USA. 16th March 2018

American Airlines has appealed a decision handed down by the U.S. court to terminate its Alliance with JetBlue.

The termination of the Northeast Alliance (NEA) between American Airlines and JetBlue arrived on 19 May following a court ruling.

American Airlines becomes the only carrier, however, to appeal the decision by the court, with JetBlue announcing they wouldn’t appeal.

While frustrating for the smaller airline, many analysts highlighted that their focus had shifted elsewhere, specifically, attempting to tie up a complicated agreement with Spirit.

However, American Airlines believes that they have the system in place to appeal and have launched such a one.

The Northeast Alliance was launched in 2021. Therefore, being relatively new, it has undoubtedly impacted since conception.

Generally, the Alliance was put in place to benefit customers. Some travellers ushered this opinion. However, some believed the partnership negatively hurt customers.

Following a termination, analysts predict that competition will return to the sector, offering up more possibilities for carriers and likely leading to higher quality services and a drop in airfares, with American and JetBlue not having the stronghold they had through the Alliance.

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