American Airlines Adds 10 Routes For Summer 2024

Daniel Fowkes
08 May 2024
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An American Airlines Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner arriving into Amsterdam Schiphol as American gears up to add 10 new routes this summer and carry 72 million passengers.

American Airlines is preparing for a busy Summer season as it forecasts it’ll carry 72 million passengers.

The summer peak travel season is expected to run from May through September 30. With nearly 700,000 flights, the carrier will seek to meet significant demand.

Focusing on operational performance is expected to be a huge focal point for the carrier across the summer. American says it enjoyed a solid winter season and wants to build upon that.

As demand skyrockets, American Airlines says it’ll fly more seats than ever this summer, equating to 10% more departures than last year.

Significant frequency boosts across the network will be necessary to achieve more seats. However, the carrier also highlights the addition of 10 new destinations this summer.

  • Hyannis, Massachusetts
  • Pasco, Washington
  • Tijuana, Mexico
  • Veracruz, Mexico
  • Tulum, Mexico
  • Governor’s Harbour, Bahamas
  • Ocho Rios, Jamaica
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Naples, Italy
  • Nice, France
This overview of the 10 new destinations added to the American Airlines route network during the Summer 2024 schedule.

Preparations For The Summer

American Airlines emphasises several aspects of the business to ensure it offers the best possible schedule this summer.

Firstly, the airline says its Tech Ops team has taken the fleet through proactive reliability visits during the off-season. These measures will reduce maintenance delays, and the team has focused on the systems that ensure aircraft are kept cool during warm weather.

Additionally, American Airlines has established a new electronic maintenance system focusing on returning aircraft to service. Meanwhile, the HEAT tool is to help the airline manage severe weather.

Hopefully, with the implementation of this tool, the carrier will be able to minimise disruptions across its network, including, most notably, cancellations. Across recent years, factors such as extreme cold snaps across the U.S. and storms have meant airlines such as American have seen their network slashes across a multi-day period.

American Airlines has invested heavily in ensuring that its operations will be as smooth as possible, even if extreme weather hits its network.

American Airlines has further invested in its people by hiring and training new team members across various operations roles. The carrier wants the best talent to transport 72 million customers in just a few months.

Facilities have also been focused on, with the air conditions in airport terminals being fixed and improved. The airline wants customers and employees to have the best possible experience before boarding their aircraft.

Building On Recent Success

American Airlines said Q1 of 2024 saw it post its best-ever and controllable completion factors. Additionally, bag handling improved 10% year over year, a positive for the company.

Across 2023, it also recorded the fewest cancellations in company history, with the best results for on-time departures and arrivals since 2017.

While there will likely be challenges during the upcoming Summer months, American Airlines firmly believes it is well-positioned to meet the demand during the busiest months of the calendar year.

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