Allegiant Forecasts 737 MAX Delays

Daniel Fowkes
29 Feb 2024
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Allegiant Air is forecasting big delays to delivery for its upcoming 737 MAX aircraft and is expecting to welcome fewer planes in 2024

Since its placement, Allegiant Air’s notable order for 737 MAX jets has been filled with doubt, uncertainty, and frustration rather than strictly hope and excitement.

According to new reports by Reuters, Allegiant is forecasting fewer aircraft deliveries from Boeing in 2024 due to the continued fallout from the 737 MAX incident. As a result, key production processes are being placed under a heavy investigation and thus being impacted.

A total of 24 737 MAX jets were expected to be delivered to Allegiant this year as part of a pre-planned delivery schedule. However, this is going to be slashed in half. When speaking with Reuters, Allegiant’s president said the expectation is that the figure will be closer to 12.

Allegiant says it will be able to manage the delivery delays so that it can keep a consistent dialogue open with Boeing regarding future deliveries.

Delays aren’t uncommon in the industry. Several other leading carriers have, in the last week, forecasted their delays to new aircraft being delivered. Schedules are sometimes forced to be adjusted, or airlines look towards the leasing market to mitigate losses.

In the case of Allegiant, they’ll look to reactive older aircraft and retain planes scheduled to depart to mitigate the losses felt.

Once the MAX series arrives in the airline’s portfolio, the aircraft is expected to change how Allegiant operates significantly. The MAX is a shift from the typical strategy undertaken at Allegiant regarding aircraft selection. Additionally, it makes a shift from Airbus towards the American plane maker.

Prolonged uncertainty has also been placed on when these MAX planes will be able to arrive in the fleet. Allegiant cannot provide a specific time other than saying it is at least several months away.

Previously, the airline forecasted delivery in the first week of January. However, by the start of February, it indicated a late March or early April delivery; that timeframe has not been confirmed as March approaches.

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