Akasa Air Eyes Massive Boeing Order

Daniel Fowkes
04 Jan 2024
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Akasa Air is close to ordering up to 150 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft as it looks to grow its operations within India and fend off competition from other airlines in one of the fastest growing regions in the aviation industry.

According to Reuters, Akasa Air is reportedly closing on a significant deal with Boeing for next-generation narrowbody aircraft.

150 New Aircraft For Akasa Air

Up to 150 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft could be specifically ordered per two sources close to Akasa Air as the Indian airline looks to grow its operations.

Since launching, the budget carrier has looked to shake up the market with its budget-friendly operations in a market that continues to multiply.

However, onlookers and analysts believe there is a substantial amount of room for further growth, and to make this happen, new aircraft will be required.

Wings India is where sources are tipping a deal, which will potentially be announced as the contract continues to be worked on by all involved parties.

Scheduled to take place from January 18 to 21, 2024, Wings India allows for global partnerships, engaging sessions, cutting-edge innovation, aircraft displays, and a general spotlight to be placed on the Indian aviation sector.

A Big Opportunity

While Akasa Air will target the 737 MAX to optimise its schedule within India, there’s also a view to eventually begin flying internationally with these aircraft.

The new aircraft, with variants not specified, will be capable of serving various missions, and Akasa Air has expressed interest in setting off to Southwest Asia and or the Middle East.

While the early stages of its operations have had many ups and downs, the airline is firmly putting its foot back on the gas as it looks to continue growing.

However, Akasa Air must fend off substantial competition from other Indian carriers. On several occasions in the past 12 months, these airlines have placed huge aircraft orders, which often outdo each other in terms of overall units committed to.

Air India ordered in 2023 a total of 470 aircraft from Airbus and Boeing as part of expansion plans.

As a result, while the airline focuses on budget air travel, it will face fierce competition from other airlines. Thus, equipping itself with more aircraft may be viewed as a solution.

The Akasa Air Fleet

Fleet data shows Akasa Air has 22 in-service Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, all from the -8 series.

These 737 MAX aircraft average an age of 4.1 years and have thus far served them adequately and provided the airline with one the youngest fleets in the region.

However, to truly cater to India, one of the fastest-growing markets in the world for aviation, there’s a desire to continue growing this.

A commitment for up to 150 aircraft from the MAX family would ensure the carrier stayed an all-Boeing operator, which would be a massive win for the American plane maker.

Additionally, it would eventually see their operational fleet push towards three digits, allowing for the rapid expansion of service to more markets and frequency increase on some of their busiest services.

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