Airbus Unhappy With Boeing Following Problems

Daniel Fowkes
21 Mar 2024
· Aircraft 
Airbus has said that Boeing's fresh problems hurt the industry and that it is unhappy with its competitor over the issues.

Since the 2024 calendar year rolled over, most talk has centred around Boeing and its quality concerns, which stemmed from a door blowout incident on a 737 MAX jet.

Since this incident, Boeing has faced investigations from all corners alongside audits into how persistent quality slips continue to occur.

Tracking back to the late 2010s, Boeing’s failures with the MAX, which led to two fatal crashes, changed how aircraft were certified, with much further scrutiny. While the added scrutiny was to enhance safety, it impacted everyone in the industry significantly.

Airbus Unhappy

Now, Airbus’ CEO has spoken on Boeing’s recent troubles at a conference in Germany, saying he’s not happy with what’s been happening at Boeing.

Ultimately, Guillaume Faury, the head of Airbus, said that Boeing’s problems, while directly impacting the business of that respective company, are felt industry-wide.

These comments highlight the consensus that a well-working Boeing while providing further competition to Boeing is healthier for the broader industry and something all parties would prefer.

The CEO added that safety and quality are the most prominent pillars of focus in an industry that needs these to be at the highest standard, given the apparent risks of putting an aircraft in the sky.

To ultimately fail those safety and quality tests on a repeated nature is far from ideal and, as some analysts have highlighted, not just concerning but embarrassing.

A Title To Keep

Airbus overtook Boeing as the leading aircraft manufacturer several years ago and, despite the effects of the pandemic, has not given up that title.

While Boeing was making positive inroads toward regaining its former glory before the 2024 incidents, it was still a considerable distance from Airbus.

Following the door blowout and subsequent quality concerns, analysts argue that Boing has taken two steps back and undone all its work over the last few years.

Airbus can keep the number one manufacturer title uncontested for a little longer. However, with the substantial negative impact of Boeing’s problems in the industry, you’d argue that a more competitive Boeing would be more beneficial than a title.

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