Airbus Reveals Final BelugaXL

the last airbus beluga xl in the paint shop at airbus hq

While feeling like just yesterday, Airbus unveiled its BelugaXL as the future of transportation at the company; it has now rolled out its sixth and final unit.

The aircraft emerged from the paint shop days before the end of June and is part of a specialised series of aircraft to help benefit Airbus when it comes to producing planes, transporting parts around its facilities and more.

Unlike its passenger series of planes, the BelugaXL shares a unique look comparable to Boeing’s Dreamlift, which shares a similar functionality. Two engines power the aircraft but have a height of 18.9 metres and a wingspan of 60.3 metres. For Airbus, though, the BelugaXL thrives with a fantastic cargo hold which is spacious enough to transport key components for movement between factories.

The BelugaXL was for Airbus an answer to their previous version. However, thanks to advancements in technologies and the ability to use a different aircraft type as a base, they were able to see a 30% larger cargo capacity while also harbouring other benefits from this.

In 2020 the first BelugaXL entered service, and now the sixth will begin operations across the Airbus network, helping boost production and easing the process.

Daniel Fowkes
03 Jul 2023
· Aircraft 

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