Airbus Delivers 100th A330neo


Airbus has reached a milestone for its A330neo program by delivering the 100th unit to Condor.

The Airbus A330neo, since being introduced, has given customers many benefits such as better fuel efficiency, emissions and operating costs.

However, it has ultimately also been a slow seller in the market. Airbus is lucky that thanks to it being a re-engine of the A330ceo, they don’t require it to sell highly to make a return on the program. Therefore it is a slow grower. Nevertheless, it is expected and welcomed.

Airbus says that after Condor welcomed the 100th A330neo, the series can now be seen widely around the globe on now over 200 different routes with 22 airlines.

Condor welcomed their first A330neo towards the backend of 2022 and has since been seeing the type delivered. The airline has an order for 16 of the type that’ll eventually be the backbone of their operations.

The series is expected to modernise the operations at the airline, and thanks to Condor’s striking new branding, it should be seen from almost any part of the airport grounds.

While Airbus has two variants to the A330neo program, the -800 and -900, the latter has brought the bulk of the orders for the program thus far. However, the -800 has typically lagged behind its counterpart, proving it difficult for interest to amount to firm commitments for the smaller variant.

Daniel Fowkes
13 Apr 2023
· Aircraft 

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