Airbus Boosts A350 Freighter

airbus a350 freighter

Airbus is preparing to certify and produce its first A350 Freighter and has announced that the type will be getting an upgrade.

The upgrade is in the form of its payload, which will increase from 109 tons to a reported 111 tons.

Airbus notes while the improvements may seem minimal is enough to be helpful to operate in allowing customers to maximise revenues where possible and see enhanced efficiency. Two key points to analyse when determining what type to order.

The A350F is slated to enter into service in 2026 at the earliest following the most recent delays and has 39 total orders from customers around the globe. Notably, Singapore Airlines, and Etihad Airways, have already committed to the aircraft as part of their freight fleet renewal process.

Airbus’ A350F is part of the next generation of freighters. It will be put up against Boeing’s upcoming 777-8F, which has thus far enjoyed more firm commitments than the A350F but will enter into service far later due to struggles getting the 777-9 passenger aircraft certified.

Daniel Fowkes
16 Jun 2023
· Aircraft 

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