Airbus A320neos Ordered For Condor

Daniel Fowkes
30 Dec 2023
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BOC Aviation has announced orders for six Airbus A320neo family aircraft for deployment towards German leisure airline Condor on a long term lease.

BOC Aviation, a leading aircraft lessor, has announced a deal for the Airbus A320neo family aircraft, including the A320neo and A321neo.

Condor To Fly Airbus A320neo & A321neos

As part of the newest commitment, BOC Aviation says it’ll deploy the aircraft towards Condor on a long-term lease.

Deliveries for six new aircraft will be completed in 2027 and 2028. The deal includes 2 A320neos and 4 A321neos sourced directly from Airbus and BOC Aviation.

The latest technology implemented through the Airbus A320neo family will be hugely pivotal in moving towards efficient flying for Condor.

Comments From Executives

We are delighted to be working with Condor once again, supporting its fleet growth and renewal with these six latest technology aircraft. This transaction adds to our delivery pipeline of the world’s most advanced aircraft models, which will enable our Company to continue on its path of long-term sustainable growth.

Steven Townend, Deputy Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, BOC Aviation.

The successful deal with BOC Aviation Limited is another important step to become the operator of one of the most modern and efficient fleets in Europe. The partnership is extremely important for us and we are grateful for the continuous support and trustful cooperation with our new partner.

Björn Walther, Chief Financial Officer, Condor.

The Important Role Of Condor And BOC Aviation

BOC Aviation is a leading global lessor with a fleet comprising 681 aircraft. This total includes aircraft it either has on order, owns or manages.

As part of this fleet, it sees relationships with 93 airlines in 44 countries and regions as of 30 September 2023. This will grow substantially in the future as they continue increasing their backlog.

For Condor, the carrier, prides itself on serving leisure markets from several high-profile airports. Destinations span worldwide, with North America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe all featured.

The Condor Fleet

Condor’s fleet now consists of 43 in-service and 6 parked aircraft, bringing the total to 49. Included in this are firm commitments to the A330 and A320 family aircraft.

Currently, 11 A330neos are actively in service, averaging an age of 0.9 years, making it the youngest within the operation. Commitments to the A320 family total 20 in-service aircraft spread across the A320-200 and A321-100.

Overall, the fleet averages an age of almost 15 years despite the A330neos arrival. Therefore, Condor will want to bring down this average fleet age over the coming decade to move towards more efficient aircraft types.

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