Airbus A220 Doors To Be Produced In India

Airbus has signed a landmark agreement with Dynamatic Technologies for the future production of aircraft doors for the popular A220 series.

Dynamatic Technologies, based in Bengaluru, India, has signed a deal with Airbus to manufacture the doors of the popular A220 single-aisle aircraft.

As part of the latest commitment, Dynamaitic Technologies will manufacture and service cargo and passenger doors, including emergency exit doors for the A220.

However, Dynamatic Technologies isn’t necessarily new to producing parts for Airbus. The company plays a vital role in making the flap track bean aboard the A320 and A330 family aircraft.

Additionally, the company isn’t unfamiliar with the A220 in producing the cockpit escape hatch door for the series. Thus, this new agreement seems to many like a natural fit.

Work is expected to begin shortly, and the very first doors will be officially shipped out in early 2025.

The Economic Times reports that such a deal represents one of the most significant single contracts for an Indian aerospace manufacturing company. Shares also experienced a substantial jump thanks to the announcement, reflecting a positive response.

Airbus In India

Airbus says in their announcement that every commercial aircraft they produce has components built in India.

Currently, the procurement of components and services reaches some USD 750 million annually. Still, the expectation is this will double to USD 1.5 billion in the next few years as the relationship expands.

The Indian aviation sector is also growing substantially, so Airbus believes there’s ample scope to increase its presence in the market.

While the latest announcement gets the bulk of the focus, Airbus says this is the second door contract it has awarded towards an Indian supplier in less than a year. Tata Advanced Systems won the contract for manufacturing bulk and cargo doors of the A320 family.

For Airbus, looking ahead, it’ll want to continue seeing its reliance on India grow and to continue pushing its aircraft in the market for new and existing airlines seeking solutions to their fleet needs.

Daniel Fowkes
09 Feb 2024
· Aircraft 

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