Air Transat Announces France Expansion

Daniel Fowkes
14 Apr 2023
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Air Transat has announced a further expansion of services through to France. This is the second time the carrier has made such an announcement this year.

The airline will add Marseille to its network for year-round operations out of Montreal. As a result, the nonstop services that head towards Nantes will be extended.

Annualizing key routes of our flight network is at the core of our strategy, which is facilitated by the agility of our Airbus A321LR fleet. In the fall of 2022, we extended our service to Marseille until the end of the year for the very first time. Given the success of this initiative, we are delighted to repeat the experience, this time to Nantes.

Michèle Barre, Air Transat’s Chief Revenue Officer

Air Transat says that services towards the French region are only getting more popular. Air Transat is a leading airline serving Quebec to France, so they feel responsible only for growing their portfolio to serve customers better.

Air Transat says the new route will be operated with their next-generation Airbus A321LR. A single-aisle aircraft quickly working its way up to being a popular choice for transatlantic services from the East Coast of North America.

The Marseille market has been described as one that is now recording strong year-round performance and becoming less and less seasonal. As a result, bumping the flights up to annual operations is incredibly important and what all parties believe to be the natural next step.

Montreal is a huge part of the Quebec province and a key gateway to the world for those in Quebec. French airports and Montreal have closely worked together over recent decades to form a strong relationship. As a result, expanding services to new airports or increasing frequencies are quickly done.

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