Air Malta Shutdown With KM Malta Airlines Launching

Air Malta has officially closed after 50 years and has been replaced by a new national carrier, KM Malta Airlines.

Air Malta has officially ended, shutting down to make way for KM Malta Airlines, a new national airline.

Operating at Air Malta ceased on March 30, 2024, a planned closure that had been some time in the making. Air Malta has had a storied stay in the industry, with 50 years of experience.

However, like several leading airlines, Air Malta would encounter significant challenges that would pressure its position in the aviation industry. Executives at the airline cited inflation and wage bills, among many other factors, as core reasons why the airline was placed in a difficult position.

Due to mounting pressures and what felt internally like a pathway without an exit point, the Maltese Government announced the upcoming shutdown of Air Malta and the re-adjustment of the next rendition.

According to the Finance Minister, losses occurred for 20 years, and at one point, the business employed well over a thousand for a minimal fleet.

Notably, the new airline that has now launched KM Malta Airlines, will operate with fewer employees, a significant reduction seen as downsizing to ensure stability can be reached. The hope is to learn from their past mistakes and improve long into the future.

However, these plans still include expanding with time. Expansion, though, will occur in the next half-decade when the fleet grows and is part of a broader business plan. First, the new airline must get the basics right.

While Air Malta has collapsed, the government was adamant that not having a national airline would be a significant mistake. Therefore, initially, the best course of action is to launch with just eight aircraft and 17 routes towards primarily European destinations.

The new airline was also launched in careful consideration with the EU to avoid violating fundamental state aid rules.

Onlookers shared their opinions of shutting down a troubled airline and relaunching as a clean slate in a similar plan to Alitalia and the newly born ITA. In most cases, these opinions included confusion.

Daniel Fowkes
02 Apr 2024
· Airlines 

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