Air Japan, New Airline Coming In 2024

Air Japan, a subsidiary of All Nippon Airways, is set to be one of the newest airlines to join the aviation industry.

The carrier is expected to be utilised for medium-hail international routes and, in recent hours, has announced its latest products identifying more of the brand.

Like Norse Atlantic Airways, Air Japan is set to operate exclusively with the Boeing 787.

The airline has officially revealed its uniform, featured at a press unveiling.

Air Japan’s uniform

In addition, Air Japan has provided information on the cabin. The 787s will be kitted out with 324 economy seats. This will therefore be a one-class aircraft. Onboard the 787; this is undoubtedly a rarity as most airlines will opt for at least two classes.

Air Japan follows in the footsteps of other subsidiaries that have recently launched in the Asian region, and All Nippon Airways is hoping it’ll be a success.

Inside the cabin, there’ll be 32 inches of legroom with leather seats. The seats, however, have been made to be lightweight but durable.

Regarding the route network, for now, that is being closely kept private. The airline still has another year before it’s expected to enter into service. Between now and then, executives will be plotting the initial route network. Southeast Asia, however, has been earmarked as a big focal point for their operations.



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