Air India Unveils New Livery


Air India has unveiled a new logo, livery and complete rebrand as part of its mission to become India’s leading choice.

The rebrand symbolises boundless opportunities and confidence and has seen many adjustments to the long-standing brand.

In almost all cases, the branding has become far more simplified and generic, according to most, losing the heart that the former design had.

The new livery and logo will debut on the upcoming Airbus A350 series, part of a mammoth deal for 470 Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Deep red, aubergine, gold highlights, and a chakra-inspired pattern all feature on the new livery revealed today and the Air India text has also changed, with the company opting for a big, bold out, there font.

New theme songs, sneak peeks at upcoming cabins, and more were revealed at the major briefing as Air India enters its next era.

Our Transformative new brand reflects an ambition to make Air India a world-class airline serving guests from around the globe, and that represents a new India proudly on the global stage. The new Air India is bold, confident, and vibrant but also warm and deeply rooted to its rich history and traditions that make Indian hospitality a global benchmark for standards in service.

Air India CEO

The fleet at Air India, according to executives, demands significant attention. Elevating and renovating even existing aircraft is also a must. Air India wants a sense of pride to be felt once its aircraft land at their destination, but that is missing at the moment.

FutureBrand designed the new livery and branding in partnership with Air India to combine the glorious past of the airline and drive for excellence from the future too.

Daniel Fowkes
11 Aug 2023
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  1. Air India is our ❤️ heart always will be almost willing it to fly high all of us really
    The magnitude of investment risk just makes us worry about TATAS whom we adore
    The new Livery the font the tail design
    Has certainly lost some heart
    It doesn’t appear worth the millions given to the designers
    Indian advt companies come out with some of the most heartening stuff

  2. Horrible. As an ex-employee I can only say AI embodies the collective pride of India and this change seems to have been thoughtlessly designed. It represents very little of the richness of our Culture, History and Aspirations. Very superficial. If there is scope please change it.

  3. Mixed feelings. Prior to take over by TATA. Air India while taking pride of being a National Carrier could not capitalize for its worth. Suffered losses year after year. Was mismanaged by those responsible.

    Now TATA takes over. Big Daddy is back and already there are signs of change for good.
    Good Luck Ratan…. All the very best. JRD in early 2900s had given Air India to the Govt. Now its up to you to have all pride n favors back.

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