Air India To Fly Singapore Airlines Boeing 777s

Air India Boeing 777-300ER arriving into Toronto

Air India is undergoing one of the most extensive fleet modernisation plans in aviation history, with hundreds of new aircraft arriving in the coming years.

As part of these plans, the company will lease three 777-300ERs from Singapore Airlines to meet current demand.

Leasing aircraft is a means many carriers entertain to meet immediate demands across their network while waiting for new aircraft deliveries.

As part of these additional 777s arriving from Singapore Airlines and paired with the already existing aircraft on lease Air India says it’ll be able to phase out its older 777-200s. Air India notes that these aircraft have ageing cabins which is not the direction the new ownership wants to head and not the image to be portrayed.

Since Tata Group took over the reins of Air India once more, there has been a lot of focus placed on ensuring the image of the airline changes and once more becomes a pride flyer of the Indian flag.

Air India has a fleet of 109 in-service aircraft but firm aircraft orders that total almost 500 units, spread across narrowbody and widebody units from Airbus and Boeing.

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26 Jul 2023
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  1. Appreciate if air india could put more flights from south rather than north especially from Kochi and Bangalore to Europe and USA.

  2. I’m looking forward to fly Air India instead of Emirates or Qatar to Europe and US, if they give us more direct connectivity from Bengaluru.

  3. Airindia should connect non stop service from the southern gate way of india Chennai to any parts of the cities like Chicago Newyork in US

  4. Air India should connect Chennai directly to cities like Melbourne and Sydney as volumes of passengers are high.

  5. I have pax also cause damage to cabin, esp seats, overhead bins etc and airlines should make it clear that any damage caused by pax will be recovered from them in full then only the cabins will be spic n span for long.

  6. We are looking forward Direct flight from London Trv very near future,either via Cochin or any other southern city, definitely there will be huge demand for this sector, still I remember end of 70 s we have demanded direct flight from UAE to trv but they have started Kuwait Abudhabi Trv thrice service per week then it has been increased the frequency also Sir India started from other Emirates to Trv ad well.

  7. One very lucrative sector is the Singapore Trivandrum route. The only flight that services this sector is Scoot and they have a monopoly. The flights are always full and the service leaves room for improvement. Air India should seriously consider this route and they can make huge revenue given that there will still be only 2 flights servicing this sector. All passengers from Far East and Australia NZ to Trivandrum use this Scoot flight

  8. Scoot is not a comfortable to travel.they can improve.Silk air was far better than scoot.hopefully more flights will be introduced from Visakhapatnam to reach SFO

  9. Airindia should tap into market for south n southwest USA
    Delhi – Dallas
    Which is untapped n also Florida / Atlanta

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