Air India Confirms 777X, 787 & 737 MAX Order


Air India has confirmed its intent to order up to 290 Boeing aircraft as part of a historic deal for the company moving ahead.

Such a commitment includes single-aisle and widebody aircraft. It is part of a deal first announced in February as Air India looks towards more sustainable growth and to turn around its business.

Boeing’s contract with Air India thus includes 190 737 MAXs, 20 of the 787 Dreamliner and 10 777X planes. Additionally, there are further options for 50 737 MAxs and 20 787 Dreamliners should they wish to act on these later.

Currently, Air India only flies the 787 out of the list mentioned. However, it is familiar with the broader 777 series, just not the upcoming 777X, which remains uncertified.

The partnership between the two has been longstanding, and a commitment to 290 aircraft is substantial. Air India is under new ownership, so Tata Group is attempting to turn around the company, which has experienced a turbulent recent history.

India’s aviation scene promises so much and has seen a considerable increase in companies joining the fray in the past decade. As such, it’s now more complex than ever for well-known carriers to retain market share. Air India believes the key to long-term sustainability and success is revolutionising the fleet and image thanks to these new incoming aircraft.

A deal for Boeing planes was placed in conjunction with Airbus and has only recently been beaten in terms of overall size by Indigo, who, on the first day of the 2023 Paris Airshow, ordered 500 Airbus A320neo family aircraft.

Thus far, the airshow has certainly been all about the Indian aviation scene and is looking to continue with rumoured deals for widebody aircraft at Indigo slated to come before the airshow ends.

Daniel Fowkes
21 Jun 2023
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  1. That’s unfair Air India Ordered 290 Boeing Aircraft’s vs. 250 Airbus Aircraft’s. With an Order of this magnitude it should be split equally split 50/50 and not like this. This clearly favors Boeing at the rate of 60/40!!!

    1. Why don’t you pay for the aircrafs … Why r u worried what TATAS are doing with their money .. If you find it soooo much a pity for Airbus …. U go Pat the billions


    Aircraft Types & Operational Routes should be proportion..
    Ground Handling & Maintanence Team have to put efforts to match the best of their standards..

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