Air Canada Ranked Among Worst Airlines In North America

Daniel Fowkes
09 May 2024
· Airlines 
An Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner departs Hong Kong bound for Vancouver

According to a new survey by J.D. Power, Air Canada is among the worst airlines in North America.

The Canadian flag carrier ranked ninth out of 11 other companies in the economy class survey. It only beat two other airlines, Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines.

However, the results worsened when exploring the higher cabin classes with value for money, with Air Canada ranking last for Premium Economy and Business Class across the major North American customers.

Interestingly, the survey that recorded North American airlines focuses on the lack of value for money present at the Canadian carrier.

Air Canada has long touted itself as a full-service premium offering. However, its Transborder service, among other types of operations, has come under fire from travellers across forums and other review forms.

While essential areas such as the value for money were highlighted as needing improvement at Air Canada, there were other focal points.

The survey focuses on other elements of the Air Canada business that have dropped, including onboard experience and airline staff.

Horror stories have been recorded at the Canadian company regarding refunds, travel arrangements, and cancellation handling. While this is possible at any company, the survey once more highlights the lack of overall value for money.

Other business elements were targeted, such as the digital elements that were cited. Analysts have focused on improving digital tools for many major companies around the world. These analysts believe airlines must invest in improving customers’ experience inside airports and before their flights rather than just the onboard experience.

Big Winners In The Survey

The survey by J.D Power saw Air Canada score 542 points out of 1,000 and sit in 9th place out of 11 of the major airlines around North America.

Southwest Airlines became a big winner for Economy, with the highest score out of the eleven airlines studied. Meanwhile, Delta comfortably held the title as the best-scoring airline for its First, Business, and Premium Economy cabins.

Ultimately, the survey further highlighted how friendly and accommodating staff increases customer satisfaction.

While the airline business is tough, analysts know that the one area where carriers can stand out is how they treat their customers. Airlines that were seen to have treated customers with greater care scored significantly higher than Air Canada’s.

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