Air Canada Posts Strong Holiday Results

Daniel Fowkes
10 Jan 2024
· Airlines 
Air Canada has said that during the 2023/24 holiday period, it experienced significant rises and improvements year-over-year company-wide.

Air Canada has published its results for the busy holiday travel period, indicating a solid performance across the board.

Breaking Down The Results

Air Canada says that during the holiday season from December 18, 2023, to January 6, 2024, it flew approximately 2.6 million customers, a 10% increase over the same period one year prior.

Further, On-Time Performance (OTP) for the period equated to 70%. The OTP is measured by the industry standard arrival within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. Air Canada says this raised a substantial 30% over the 40% OTP recorded for the same period one year prior.

However, the company quickly noted that during the 2022 holiday, severe weather significantly impacted travel across North America, leading to cancelled and delayed flights.

Delayed and mishandled bags dropped by 58% compared to a year prior, which saw baggage handling success rates rise to 98.6%. This substantial increase meant more people could collect their luggage at the end of their journey, which many argue should be industry standard and not something to be applauded.

When a delay occurred, the airline says this averaged 36 minutes, a 43% reduction from 2022. However, these numbers are significantly skewed as 2022 was plagued with a winter storm that broke records and hampered operations.

Comments From Air Canada Executive

We thank our customers for entrusting their travel to Air Canada and I am proud that we delivered on our promise to transport them safely and conveniently. Over the holidays we carried about 2.6 million customers on more than 20,000 flights, with an on-time performance of 70 per cent. Our success was the result of extensive advance preparations and the hard work of our people, helped by moderate winter weather. With a clear focus on our customers and on improving the stability and resilience of our operation, we have implemented a range of initiatives to ensure we continue to improve our operational performance into 2024 and beyond.

Craig Landry, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at Air Canada.

More Improvements

Air Canada said during the holiday period, it was also able to improve its schedule, which was optimally designed to allow for ground time and better connections with customers than before.

Additionally, the airline says that based on pre-pandemic numbers, it has exceeded those staffing levels. The hiring of more staff comes as demand returned far quicker than initially expected, and airlines such as Air Canada were left understaffed following their response to cut employees during the pandemic.

The holiday period saw the airline focus on massively improving customer experience through several new internal programs such as ECX. Elevating the Customer Experience, as it is known, focuses on all key passenger touchpoints.

By focusing on these elements, the airline finds ways to enhance customer experience with investments in technology, improving staff placement and critical self-service aspects.

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