Air Canada 777 Damaged During Fire In Montreal

An Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER recently arrived in Montreal narrowly escaped severe damage as a ground vehicle caught fire underneath the aircraft.

In the attached images and videos, dark black smoke rises above the 777 depicting a rather haunting scene that could’ve been far worse. Thankfully, major damage was avoided, and fire crews arrived in a timely manner to disperse the flames.

The incident, which occurred during the morning of July 9th local time in Montreal, saw onlookers at the airport direct their phones to the aircraft that looked ablaze if from an angle that didn’t showcase the ground vehicle.

The aircraft registered as C-FITL had arrived from Geneva, Switzerland, as was being prepped for its next scheduled flight. Per flightradar24, however, the aircraft, since this incident, has remained on the ground.

Thankfully no one working on the aircraft or onboard was injured. However, it’s a timely reminder of the risks of working around aircraft.

Due to the incident being fresh, an investigation will now take place to determine the cause of the fire involving the ground vehicle that damaged the Boeing 777 with the Canadian flag carrier.


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