Looking Back At 2022


As the final hours of 2022 approach, or in some cases, it’s already 2023, I wanted to thank you for your sincere support this calendar year.

2022 has presented challenges, from the Ukraine conflict to labour shortages and subsequent inflation. However, it’s also been great to witness the global recovery of the aviation industry from a demand perspective, with aircraft departing full from airports globally.

This year allowed on a personal note for more growth, diving deeper into areas I always wanted to explore but never had the opportunity to. Thanks to those who made exclusive pieces possible. I’ve been honoured to have the chance to tell a story through those in the industry, learning more about the individual and the company in question.

In January, I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of Northern Pacific Airways in San Bernandino, California and speak with Rob McKinney. An experience of a lifetime that I am forever indebted to. To the team at Forward Media, thank you for making this possible.

The year was rounded off by attending the 151st IATA Slot Conference, where I could network with those in the industry, specifically the team at Cirium. It was an experience to remember, and a thank you to those at IATA for making it possible.

Attending a conference at the 151st IATA Slot Conference

2022 marked the closure of Dj’s Transport, ending a year-long chapter where I covered the rail industry. However, with doors closing, new ones open, and I launched GlobeTrotting at Dj’s Aviation, a new aviation channel that is part of the Dj’s Aviation family. However, instead of focusing on the news, videos are told analytically.

It gave me the experience to head back to my roots and the reason for the growth of Dj’s Aviation while also building a small team of writers who have supported the project. I am excited to see how this develops in the coming year.

The process behind the GlobeTrotting at Dj’s Aviation branding

It was another strong year for Dj’s Aviation. While not growing in some aspects, numbers remained at a more than adequate level, with peaks and low points. It has been a pleasure to run the channel independently since 2015, and as I enter the 8th year, I am excited, nervous and anticipating what’s next for the publication.

In 2022 I was fortunate enough to fly 25 times, a record for all parts of the world (well, mainly North America). I am very grateful for the position I’m in and have thoroughly enjoyed documenting the experiences on Twitter and through Podcasts.

Looking back at 2022, thanks to MyFlightRadar24

As one year closes, another one opens, and I am thoroughly intrigued to see what the next year holds for me, the publication and more.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you a lovely 2023 filled with lots of joy and health. I hope the year gives you everything you could dream of and more, and I look forward to continuing to support, work and communicate together for the next 365 days.

Yours sincerely,

Dan from Dj’s Aviation

Daniel Fowkes
01 Jan 2023
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