Since 2015, YouTube has been the primary platform for releasing content on the Dj’s Aviation family of channels, reaching tens of millions per month and building one of the largest aviation communities. Uploads are daily or bidaily with all the latest breaking news coverage and frequent analysis across both channels. Below you can get an in-depth look at the respective channels, Dj’s Aviation and GlobeTrotting, offering a unique perspective on the aviation industry.

Dj’s Aviation

Dj’s Aviation, founded in July 2015, is the largest independently owned and run aviation news publication on Youtube, reaching tens of millions per month. The ambition is to concisely inform viewers of all knowledge levels with breaking developments in the aviation industry. Content is published whenever news breaks.

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GlobeTrotting, founded in September 2022, aims to analyse the latest aviation developments, from airports to airlines, answering your burning questions and delving into the history of essential topics. It is one of the newest aviation channels launched and is powered by a small team of writers. Content is published bi-daily.

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