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WOW Air cancel three services to US

The fall of Primera Air has sent a reality check to a number of airlines who follow the same business model as the now-defunct airline, most notably this is Wow Air.

WOW Air stuck by their business model and have over the years focused heavily on an expansion into the U.S. This expansion has been aggressive and now that expansion has run into turbulence. The carrier announced that they would be axing three of their U.S routes. The airports losing their WOW Air presence include St Louis which the airline called a disappointment. These flights will cease on January 7th, 2019. Meanwhile, seasonal services to Cincinnati and Cleveland will not be resuming for the summer season in 2019.  The airline only launched services to these cities months ago, however, their aggressive expansion and disappointment in load factors have contributed heavily.

When commenting on their St. Louis service, Svana Friðriksdóttir said to USA Today “Unfortunately, it has to be said that St Louis was a disappointment for WOW Air this summer in terms of end results, with load factors not achieving the targets that were set for the route in the beginning, and compared to other markets in our network.”

Meanwhile, the airport released a statement to those working at St. Louis stating “We’re disappointed because the response from customers across the St. Louis region was strong, and we were told we were one of the airline’s top performing markets in the Midwest that were added last spring.”

WOW Air operates with an Airbus fleet, flying with the A320-200, A320neo, A321-200, A321neo, A330-300 and soon the A330-900neo. The airline, however, has focused heavily on transatlantic operations after the success of other low-cost carriers. The budget carrier based in Iceland was known heavily for offering cheap flights from the US to Iceland and Europe with fares averaging $99.

Credit: Oliver Holzbauer


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