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Who’s Ordered the Boeing 777x?

 The 777x is Boeing’s newest instalment to the successful 777 series. At this point Boeing will offer 2 variants, the 777-8 and 777-9. The two variants while being similar with their folding wingtips will offer airlines different perks. The 777-8 with its shorter length will have a higher range than that of the 777-9 while holding less passengers in a standard configuration. The 777-9 with it being longer in length will in fact hold more passengers being a more suitable option for airlines wishing to replace, say their 777-300ers.

Who’s ordered the aircraft? Not too many airlines. The 777x is still a year and a bit away from flying with an airline for the first time. Despite its first flight being scheduled for next year, it’s still very early on in the program and therefore the order tally won’t be incredibly high nor have hundreds of customers.  In total the aircraft has accumulated 326 orders, commitments, MoUs etc. This is made up of 53 for the 777-8 and then 273 for the 777-9 as of October 2018.

All Nippon Airways are the first airline. The carrier has placed orders for 20 777xs, this is all for the longer 777-9. The order was placed on the 31st of July 2014 and interestingly enough The carrier does operate the 777 series and a number of the variants. Including the 777-300ER which is still being delivered, the 777-300, 777-200ER and 777-200. Potentially a further order for the 777-8 may be on the cards or even adding more 777-9s should they feel it necessary.

Next, it’s Singapore Airlines. In fact, the most recent order for the aircraft was from the Changi-based carrier. They’ve ordered just like ANA, 20 of the 777-9s. The order which was placed on June the 23rd 2017 means that the 777x series hasn’t received an order or commitment for the aircraft for almost a year and a half. Something Boeing will be wanting to change sooner rather than later.

Next, Lufthansa, the first customer in fact of the 777x. Their order was placed on November the 17th, 2013. Almost 5 years ago to the day and I believe on the day of the actual 777x release. Just like Singapore and ANA, they have placed 20 orders for the 777-9.

Placed on the exact same day, November the 17th, 2013 Etihad Airways ordered the 777x, the 777-8 was also shown some love. Etihad ordered 17 777-9s and 8 of the 777-8s making their combined total 25. 

Next up with an order placed on December the 20th, 2013 was Cathay Pacific. The Hong Kong-based carrier ordered 21 of the 777-9s, 

Emirates will be the largest operator of the Boeing 777x series. The airline has ordered a combined total of 150 777xs. This is made up of 35 for the 777-8 and a whopping 115 for the 777-9. No doubt, they’ll eventually replace their current 777s with this batch of orders. Emirates placed their order on the 8th of July 2014.

Sticking to the Middle East, Qatar Airways followed in the footsteps of Emirates with an order for the 777x and will be the second largest operator of the aircraft. They’ve ordered 50 777-9s and 10 Boeing 777-8s which brings their combined total to 60. The order was placed just days after Emirates on the 16th of July 2014.

The final customer is an unidentified one, this customer or customers have ordered 10 of the 777-9s.



  1. I would like to see British Airways order the 777x. Has there been any news if they will . Their current fleet of 777 is mostly 18 and 19 years old.

    Has it served them well

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