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Who’s Ordered the A330neo?

Who’s Ordered the Airbus A330neo?

The A330neo, is the new engine option and therefore the successor to the Airbus A330 series or now referred to as the A330ceo. The A330neo will come in just the two variants at this stage, the A330-800 and A330-900, the A330-800 will replace the A330-200 while the A330-900 replaces the A330-300. With a planned introduction in December of this year the aircraft completed its first flight in October of 2017 and since then has been getting its test flight hours up, completing tests in the heat and cold. At this point in time, the launch customer of the aircraft will be none other than TAP Air Portugal. In 2018 the A330-800neo can set you back $259.9 Million US while the A330-900neo will set you back a cool $296.4 million US at standard list prices, of course, as expected prices can drop for the majority of carriers in deals.

The first order for the aircraft came 4 years ago from the launch customer of the A330-900 and that is Delta. Delta placed an order for 25 of the A330-900s, their order was put through on the 19th of November 2014.

Following Delta’s orders, CIT Group from American ordered 15 Airbus A330-900s, however, in 2017 they sold their aircraft leasing company to Avolon who placed an order just days later.

Air Asia who at this point will be the largest operator of the A330neo on a whole placed their order on the 15th of December, 2014. They ordered 66 A330neos. They later committed to a further 34 A330neos bringing their total of the aircraft to 100.

The next two orders came from aircraft leasing companies and had quite the gap between them. First on the list was Avolon. They were the final order for 2014 and placed 15 orders for the -900neo. Following Avolon, in March of 2015 the Air Lease Corporation, known to have well over a thousand aircraft across the world ordered 29 of the -900neos.

After once again another lengthy gap on the 13th of November 2015, TAP Air Portugal ordered 10 A330-900neos, they will be the launch operator of this variant and the aircraft has already been on a world tour and in general been completing various tests.

The A330neo has been known for its breaks in orders and again it was many months before the aircraft welcomed its next, it was April 2016, specifically the 19th before the aircraft received another order. This time it was 14 of the A330-900neos from Garuda Indonesia. An airline which does already operate the A330ceo.

Arika Iserali Airlines placed an order on the 11th of June 2016 for just 2 of the A330-900neos and following this were a number of relatively small orders for the aircraft with New Caledonian carrier Aircalin placing an order for just 2 again A330-900neos on the 29th of November 2016.

Almost a month later Iran Air ordered 28 of the -900neos on the 22nd of December. Following this it was a year before the aircraft received an order, Air Senegal gave the aircraft a much-needed order but once again it was just for 2. Hardly a huge impact but on the grand scheme of things got the ball rolling. On the same day, a further 2 orders were placed by BOC Aviation.

In 2018 we’ve seen a few new orders with as mentioned that additional one from Air Asia placed on the 19th of July, an unidentified customer ordered 14 on the 4th of June this year while Uganda Airlines signed a MoU for 2 A330-800neos making them the first customer of the A330-800neo for this video, following that just recently on the 15th of October Kuwait Airways signed a purchase agreement for 8 of the A330-800neos.

Taken from the video:

Written in the middle of October 2018 – Published 2nd of November 2018


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