What Are The Top 10 Routes At Emirates?

What are the Top 10 routes that Emirates flies on a monthly basis? Here's an Emirates Airbus A380 departing from London Heathrow

Emirates is a global carrier with a network stretching to hundreds of destinations, but what are its top 10 routes when viewing frequencies? Are there patterns that can be identified?

Flight data is taken from October 2023, with comparisons from October 2022.

London and Dubai

Emirates’ offering between Dubai International and London Heathrow leads the way with 374 flights offered for October. This represented only a slight 0.5% increase for the same period one year prior.

Emirates operates two aircraft types between these two cities. However, notably, it has multiple A380 daily trips, resulting in capacity in the thousands.

Mumbai and Dubai

Emirates’ connection between Dubai International and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in Mumbai comes in second.

The airline offered 310 flights for October 2023. Interestingly, in a similar fashion to London Heathrow operations, this increased by 0.3% year over year. Data indicates Emirates offered two aircraft types for this service as well.

Bangkok and Dubai

Connection between Dubai International and Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok comes in third with 310 flights. This is the same amount offered in October 2023 alongside service to Mumbai.

However, unlike the two previous locations, the Bangkok flight has enjoyed a substantial amount of growth year over year. Emirates added 52 flights from 204 in October 2022 between the cities 310.

Male and Dubai

Emirates’ service between Dubai and Velana International Airport saw 248 flights for October 2023. Interestingly, this is the first route on the Top 10 that experienced no growth year over year.

The airline recorded the same number of flights for the same period one year prior and is one of three routes in the Top 10 that has experienced a similar fate.

Delhi And Dubai

Dubai and Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi see this as the second city in India that has made its way into the Top 10 busiest routes when measured by the active number of flights connecting the pair.

Emirates recorded 247 flights between the destinations for October 2023, similar to the service between Dubai and Male. There was also no increase over one year prior.

Kuwait and Dubai

Following a common trend, seeing Emirates’ Top 10 routes featuring locations relatively near to Dubai, Kuwait joins the list.

Emirates offered 245 flights between the Dubai and Kuwait International pairing. This represented an increase over the same period one year prior when only 179 flights were offered.

Cairo and Dubai

Emirates’ connection from Dubai International and Cairo International Airport sits at 224 flights for October 2023. This represented a minimal increase from October 2022.

Paris and Dubai

Emirates’ Paris and Dubai connections join London as one of the busiest when operating towards Europe.

Data indicates the airline flies into Charles de Gaulle Airport and offers 187 flights in October 2023, an increase from 185 reported for the same period in 2022.

Dhaka and Dubai

Emirates’ Dubai and Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka operation sees 186 flights offered. This represents the third and final route in the Top 10 that has seen no change year over year.

Additionally, it is one of the many where Emirates records only sending one aircraft type for the 186 flights recorded in that month.

Bengaluru and Dubai

Dubai International and Kempegowda International Airport sit fifth, with 186 flights offered for October 2023. This marks the third city within India that has now reached the top 10 routes served by the airline.

However, based on historical data for the same period, one year prior, services between the city pairings were higher, with 212 flights for October 2022, therefore resulting in the removal of 12 roundtrip flights, equating to 24 flights in total.

Frankfurt and Dubai

Service between Dubai and Frankfurt continued a trend followed by previous locations. In October 2023, the airline recorded 186 movements between the two important cities.

Interestingly, away from service to London Heathrow and Charles de Gaulle Airport, this is only the third European City to feature in the Top 10 routes list thus far.

Year over year, the Frankfurt operation has primarily stayed the same, with only 181 flights offered for the same period one year prior, compared to the 186 for October 2023.

In Summary

Interestingly, based on the available data, the Top 10 routes for Emirates highlight some common trends and expectations that may have been made true.

The Emirates operation to Europe is expansive, however, some of the busiest cities also reflect in what are the busiest destinations typically for travel and tourism.

Interestingly, Emirates’ operation towards India was highlighted extensively and followed a trend of several high-profile locations near Dubai featuring in the top 10.

While Emirates’ presence in North America is more than active, no significant cities appear in the Top 10 routes for October 2023.

Daniel Fowkes
03 Dec 2023
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