WestJet Announces 2023 Expansion Plans


Canadian airline Westjet will, from 2023, focus mainly on using Calgary as a point to grow, utilising the Boeing 787 widebody aircraft for these international operations.

With new international routes set to be launched, the airline is also moving forward with an increase in frequency to existing destinations across the pond from next year.

Executives at WestJet believe this is the logical next step in increasing connectivity between Western Canada. Specifically, it’s home of Calgary through to Europe and Asia. Two-way tourism should benefit significantly from these cities selected for the 2023s schedule.

The expansion of services from Calgary is essential not only for WestJet’s international network but also for the future growth of Calgary and better connecting Canada with the world, a mission that WestJet hopes to be able to work towards.

Bernard Spragg. NZ

The airline will launch a brand new route, taking the airline to Tokyo Narita from Calgary. Initially a 3x weekly service beginning on April 30th, 2023. The airline will utilise the 787 equipment for this flight.

The Boeing 787 for WestJet is crucial. Being their only widebody aircraft, it is the driving force for their international network and will play a fundamental role in growth for future decades.

With Calgary as the home base to our 787 aircraft, access between western Canadian communities and these intercontinental destinations will play a vital role in creating an economically prosperous aviation pipeline that connects Canadians to the world and the world to Western Canada.” – Alexis von Hoensbroech, WestJet CEO

WestJet Boeing 787

Alongside the service to Tokyo, Barcelona and Edinburgh will also join the list on their international network from 2023.

Dublin, Paris, Rome, and finally, London, which are existing destinations WestJet serve, will see a significant increase in frequencies from next year. WestJet hopes to enhance travel options for business, leisure or other purposes.  

Daniel Fowkes
22 Dec 2022
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  1. Considering how badly they’ve been hit over this past Christmas, I’m wondering if this is such a good idea anymore.

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  2. They been understaffed for years and charging 3x the amount , no way to get through to anyone , expansion is needed and a apology

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