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Virgin Atlantic Eyes Perth to London Service

It’s become apparent that Qantas may soon have competition on its Perth to London service. That carrier being Virgin Atlantic. The UK based carrier is eyeing the launch of this service. Sir Richard Branson has said that Perth to London flights are hot on their radar and he wants to start the said service “as soon as possible.”

The airline which has 17 Boeing 787-9s currently in its fleet will t be attempting to take all the market share away from Qantas who recently reported strong overall load factors on their QF9/10 service. These loads factors are for their premium cabins and sit at no lower than 92 to 94%. These figures are since the service launch in March of 2018, an achievement that highlights the demand for services from Europe to Australia. I

Virgin Atlantic would be using their Boeing 787-9 for these services, however, these 787s do in fact have the Trent 1000s attached, this is the engine which has left customers having to ground their aircraft due to corrosion issues. As airlines wait for fan blades and a full fix launching this service when the problem is still ever present could be a concern for the airline.

Currently, Sir Richard Branson is in Australia further sparking the discussions and rumours that a route announcement is imminent. The Perth to London service has been on his radar for some time now, we can go all the way back to 2003 when the idea of this route first came into mind, however, a lot has changed since then. Most notably the aircraft on offer. In 2003 the A340 would’ve been the unit flying, whereas, now it’s the Boeing 787.

Will this route be a success though? If we look at the success of Qantas’s Perth to London it indicates that the demand is certainly there, Virgin Atlantic has been known to dip into existing markets to try to take that important market share and with only one carrier to battle against, that being Qantas it’s more than possible that the route will be a success.


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